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Often, society is not as inclusive as it could be for people with disabilities. This applies to a wide variety of settings and environments, including the workplace, education system, public events, and more. Here are some tips to help make the world a better and more accessible place:

Think about the layout and planning of your spaces. This is incredibly important for a variety of reasons. It is necessary to have spaces that people in wheelchairs or accompanied by service animals can access. In addition, when planning spaces it is incredibly useful to have quiet areas where people who have autism spectrum disorder can recede when things get to be a lot. You want to make a space that is comfortable and readily accessible for all those who could possibly

Create an environment or workplace that does not discriminate based on ability or disability and allows for accommodations. Statistically, two-thirds of high-school graduates with the autism spectrum disorder have trouble finding employment and do not work after graduation. This does not mean they are less capable, it is predominantly an unwillingness to provide accommodations on behalf of the workplace. It is necessary, in a more inclusive society and the one I am working to make this one, to provide more working opportunities and positive workplace experiences for people with a wide range of disabilities and abilities. Instead of focusing on differences or weaknesses, employers should instead be focusing on individual strengths and ways to access them while providing a positive workplace.

Refrain from making assumptions about people with disabilities. Everyone’s disability and required accommodations are entirely different. It is wholly problematic and unproductive to make assumptions about someone’s disabilities and needs. It only contributes to stereotyping and incorrect representation.

Educate yourself. It is not the responsibility of people with disabilities to educate you on disability. Instead, it is your own responsibility and initiative. Go out, seek articles, read books, learn about ways in which you and your affiliations can be more inclusive and accommodating, and be proactive.

Include people with disabilities in planning. The best ways to know exactly what people with disabilities need to make the most out of a space or event is to consult directly with people with disabilities and disability created resources themselves. This will avoid stigmatization, making assumptions, and create an efficient and accurate way to make areas more accessible and inclusive.