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The world can sometimes feel very overwhelming and that is particularly true in children with autism. Autistic children often deal with external stress however, sensory kits can provide a great resource for the issue. Both children and their parents can greatly benefit from tools and activities which help with the management of the child’s stress and anxiety. 


Sensory kits can stimulate a child’s senses, and help them deal with things such as anxiety and sensory overload. Every child is different, however, there are many different types of sensory kits, and each parent can create their own unique one to best help their child.

Here are a few of the most common things to put in sensory kits that can greatly benefit a child with autism.


Tactile Discs

This is a great tactile activity for children that need a variety of senses stimulated. Tactile discs have a unique feel to them that’s beneficial for children who are constantly seeking different things to touch. The color of the discs can also be pleasing to their sense of sight.


Weighted Items

Many children with autism respond well with weighted items. They can develop a feeling of calm by picking them up or placing them on different parts of their body. These items will give them an opportunity to explore in a way that won’t cause them stress.


Feathers And Soft Fabrics

For children that are in need of something to give them a sense of calm, feathers and soft fabrics are the perfect items to put in a sensory kit. They will create an appealing tactile feeling that will calm their senses. Children may rub them on their bodies or pet these items in order to feel the softness of them.


Uncooked Rice Or Pasta

A child may get a lot of pleasure with repetitive movements or the ability to let small objects fall through their fingers. A sensory kit filled with uncooked rice or pasta will be very beneficial to them. They can put the rice or pasta in their hands and watch these items slowly fall through their fingers and back into the bin.


Children with autism will greatly benefit from having the ability to play with sensory kits. They can be filled with a variety of different items for them to play and explore. Parents can easily tailor these kits to best meet the needs of their children.