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How can self-driving cars make life easier for individuals with disabilities?

It can be frustrating how the most simple of tasks can become quite a challenge for people with disabilities, especially those of which involve motor skills. When it comes to driving, these individuals have riskier driving conditions, also becoming a safety problem for others on the road. What if drivers with disabilities could maneuver a vehicle better than the most experienced driver? Imagine the hardships and problems that it could fix, including traffic, accidents, and traveling speed.

The development of self-driving cars can bring all drivers more freedom, making roads safer than before. There are a few reasons why many businesses are developing these technologies, benefiting drivers with disabilities in particular.


User-Friendly Technology

As mentioned, self-driving cars barely need any preparation or driving skills to use. As we experience more advancements in automotive technology, artificial intelligence will drive these vehicles as safely as a professional driver would do. This means that the market will be greater for these companies while more and more people can enjoy the benefits of fast transportation. These user-friendly technologies include constant smartphone communication with the passenger and connectivity with other smart vehicles on the road to increase safety.


Freedom And Safety

The safety of self-driving cars helps people with disabilities to reach their destination effortlessly, all while enjoying the trip. Drivers could use this freedom to do other tasks without worrying about the vehicle, such as reading a book, watching videos, or taking a nap. Distracted driving could be a thing of the past.


Affordable and Accessible

You don’t necessarily have to own one of these high-tech vehicles if it is not convenient for you. Many automotive companies like Uber are implementing a network of self-driving vehicles in different locations. Anytime you can use a smartphone application to pay for the trip, the vehicle will move to your location. It makes self-driving vehicles affordable and accessible to anyone.


The Bottom Line

Even though self-driving technologies are expensive to develop, they bring many opportunities for people with disabilities. It is a positive way to reduce traffic and increase safety on the road, providing mobility freedom to those individuals who deserve to complete simple activities without limitations.