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Diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace is a highly encouraged practice. Businesses that absorb inclusivity in their workforce stand to gain from the numerous benefits of workplace diversity. Enforcing and creating an inclusive environment in the workplace requires commitment and focus on five important areas.


Setting the right policies

Laying the right foundation for the organization requires that the company commit itself to uphold diversity and inclusiveness. This commitment can only be enforced by the company recognizing diversity in its culture and values. Such policies ensure that the company can sustainably endorse diversity and pass it to future generations of employees. These policies also act as a guideline to other employees to encourage them to follow and abide by them. 


Celebrating diversity

Even with the right policies, an organization needs to celebrate diversity among its employees. Inclusivity brings together individuals from different perspectives of background and knowledge. There is no better way to encourage employees to become diverse in their thoughts and ideologies than condoning their differences. This creates an environment of tolerance where each employee feels part and parcel of the company, regardless of any differences or disabilities.


Being proactive in listening

Another way to celebrate inclusivity in the workplace is by becoming an active listener to employees. An inclusive workplace environment encourages workers to come up with all sorts of different ideologies on how to better improve the workplace. Giving all employees a voice and platform to express themselves is a great incentive to nurture diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. It may also open management to ideas or concerns that they had not previously considered.


Educating stakeholders

Stakeholders within the workplace need to understand the importance of an inclusive work environment as championed by management. It is the responsibility of the executive managers to educate everyone within the workplace environment accordingly on the importance of diversity. Such education should be geared towards creating awareness and thus helping to win the hearts and support of the employees when it comes to diversity, disabilities, and differences.


Taking note of the metrics

Inclusivity and diversity in the workplace are quite broad. To ensure comprehensiveness where pursuing diversity, it is important to pay attention to the various avenues of diversity that the business should focus on. For instance, an inclusive environment can be pursued on multiple fronts, including gender, age, education level, skills, physical and mental disabilities, social-economic, and political orientations. This creates a perfect environment where different employees can harmoniously exist together for the success of the business.