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Russ Ewell


Fortune smiled on me the day I became a father of a family with disabilities. Human limits became real as I watched my sons fight to overcome Autism and Down Syndrome. Their inspired efforts increased the intensity of purpose shared by my wife and me. We learned to live differently.

Russ Ewell

Russ Ewell is committed to helping others both as a leader in the church and as an entrepreneur in the technology industry. Russ’ commitment to inclusion stems from his personal history. Since his two sons have special needs, Russ has always been aware of the need to help those with intellectual disabilities feel included in society. However, the importance and necessity of inclusion first became clear to Russ when his son started playing baseball. The league featured one team for children with disabilities and another team for children without disabilities. When it came time to take team pictures, Russ and his son had to trek to the back of the field for the picture. At that moment Russ decided that his son would not lead a life where he would feel excluded.

His son’s experience with baseball spurred Russ Ewell to create E-Soccer in 2000. The volunteer program, which is free for all, encourages children of all abilities to play the sport together. Over the years the program has expanded to other sports such as basketball and fitness activities like karate. If you want to learn more, visit the official website of E-Sports.

As children with disabilities become adults, it’s imperative that society makes these individuals feel included. Unfortunately, adults with disabilities don’t have many opportunities in regards to education and employment. Russ Ewell and his wife, Gail Ewell, founded the Hope Technology School, in part, to equip young adults with the skills they need to excel in society. To learn more about the programs that Hope Technology School offers to students, visit the organization’s website.

In 2011 Russ Ewell founded Digital Scribbler with the goal of using technology to help people with disabilities. Since its founding, the company has released two apps (Quick Talk and Quick Type) that help individuals with communication issues easily communicate with friends and family. Digital Scribbler realizes Russ’ goal of using technology to overcome human limits. Visit the Digital Scribbler website to keep up with the organization’s latest developments.

Parents of children with disabilities are often reluctant to take their children to public spaces. They want to limit the stress that their children may feel. As a result, the family may become stressed over time, and their children miss out on participating in activities that every child should get to experience. Through his work and advocacy Russ hopes to make society more inclusive for all. He looks forward to continuing to use technology to help individuals overcome any limitations they face no matter what they are.

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