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There are a lot of podcasts out there and a lot of subjects. But if one or someone they care for has autism, they’ll be relieved to know that the internet is also full of good podcasts about different perspectives on autism. Here are some free best podcasts about autism.


1. Autism Uncensored

“Autism Uncensored” is a podcast that builds awareness of autism by giving voice to parents, teachers, clinicians, and autistic adults. Although there are voices of autistic adults in this podcast, it is generally geared toward parents and educators.


2. The Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism

The Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism, or TPGTA, is a podcast that focuses on the idea of living with autism. Hosted by Jeff DeSantis, this podcast is designed to be informative and educational for parents, educators, and those with a family member on the spectrum. DeSantis has great empathy for the challenges faced by families who have children on the spectrum.


3. The Autism Show

The Autism Show is a podcast for parents, professionals, and individuals with autism, who are looking for information. The staff behind “The Autism Show” says that one of their missions is to stay out of the “autism wars.” They don’t take sides on behavioral or medical issues and instead strive to source non-biased information.


4. The Acast

The Acast is a podcast network that allows experts and regular listeners to share their opinions, stories, and insights on a wide range of subjects. One of their biggest focuses is giving people with autism a voice in educational and developmental issues. The staff behind “The Acast” believes it’s important that there be two or more sides to any issue, and they strive to give people with autism a chance to speak up.


5. The Podcast for Humans

Although some of the topics discussed in “The Podcast for Humans” are weighty and serious, they do have a funny side from time to time. The show is hosted by Matt Parker and Jenny Jaffe, who has been around autism for over a decade. Their approach to the issues on the show might be a bit unorthodox at times, but that’s part of its charm.



With the help of these best podcasts about autism, it’s easy to find information and support for someone dealing with autism. Whether they are trying to find a diagnosis or seeking advice on different therapies, these podcasts can help.