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If you think the world of podcasts is all true crime and political commentary, think again. Among the millions of podcasts available that promise to entertain and educate, listeners will find various podcasts, including the following, that tackle the complex, inspiring, and sometimes difficult topic of disabled life in an inclusive way.




Liz Malone started AccessPoint without focusing on a target demographic. Instead, she focuses on her message that disability should be spoken of in an open and honest way. Malone relies on her experience as a legally-blind woman as she interviews guests from the disabled community through eight episodes. Malone promises not just to entertain or educate the listener but to make them feel. Those who cannot get enough of Malone can also check out her longterm podcast Breaking Dishes.


Disability Visibility


Part of The Disability Visibility Project, this podcast gives listeners a view of life through a disabled lens. Every week, host Alice Wong and her wide array of guests discuss culture, politics, and media as they pertain to disability. Wong’s drive to be intersectional ensures she speaks to people of color, making this one of the most inclusive podcasts around.


Special Parents Confidential


Parents of disabled children of any age might find this podcast to be especially useful. John Pellegrini started this podcast as a parent of a disabled child himself with the hopes that he could reach out to others like himself and show that everyone is in this together. Pellegrini, who has a background in radio production, struggled to connect with others through in-person support groups during the process of having his son diagnosed, talks with experts on the Special Parents Confidential. The show both provides an outlet for him to express his thoughts and feelings while creating a sense of community through the Internet.


Disability After Dark


This podcast diverges from the content of others, but it’s wonderful to listen for those who want inclusivity and sex-positivity in their podcasts! Host Andrew Gurza is a Disability Awareness Consultant and speaks to listeners as a disabled gay man. Gurza aims to bring sexuality out of the shadows, especially when it pertains to a disability, and the podcast touches on all faucets of sexuality.